How to update private keys for your on an S3 site using Docker & Let’s Encrypt.

First this how to is intended to be run on a Linux system as Docker will be writing the finished CERT files to directories on your Linux system.

Next make sure you have Docker installed and working properly on your Linux machine

docker run -it --rm --name certbot -v "/etc/letsencrypt:/etc/letsencrypt" -v "/var/lib/letsencrypt:/var/lib/letsencrypt" certbot/certbot certonly --manual --agree-tos -d ""

Next create the file that Certbot wants you to upload and upload it using the AWS CLI command below.

aws s3 cp [NAME OF THE FILE CERTBOT GAVE YOU] s3://[s3bucket that stuff should gointo]/.well-known/acme-challenge/ --acl=public-read --profile=[IF YOU NEED A PROFILE USE THIS OTHERWISE DROP EVERYTHING before --proile]

Replace the placeholder text with what ever Certbot gave you and whatever the S3 bucket is your. If you need a profile make sure to include that.

Once uploaded click continue to the Certbot prompt. This will create the keys and save them in the directory /etc/letsencrypt/live/

Change to root (sudo -s) and then change to this directory and nano *

Now login to AWS and go to and find the website you’re updating and click on REIMPORT.

Next copy each of the files that you now have open in nano over to the respective boxes.

  • cert.pem -> Certificate body
  • chain.pem -> Certificate chain
  • privkey.pem -> Certificate private key

fullchain.pem doesn’t go into any boxes. Click NEXT.

Now go to Cloud Front find the distribution you’re working with and click the ID. In the sections setting click EDIT. Don’t change anything scroll down to the bottom and click Save Changes even though you haven’t made any.

In about 15 minutes the certificate will be deployed and renewed.

Nigerian Scam in Shakespeare’s time

Dear esteemed friend,

I, the prince of Nigeria, do beseech thy assistance in a matter most pressing. It is with great urgency that I seek thy help in transferring a sum of money, a trifling amount in the grand scheme of things, to a safe and secure location.

If thou art willing to lend thy aid in this noble cause, thou shalt be handsomely rewarded with a generous bonus, a princely sum that shall far exceed thy wildest expectations.

I implore thee, do not hesitate in offering thy assistance. Time is of the essence and every moment counts.

I remain, thy devoted prince and servant,


The fat man shadow

One thing I’ve be doing a lot of during the pandemic is walking. I get 10,000 plus steps every day as counted by my fit bit. So far I’ve been quite successful in getting my 10k a day but there’s one large thing that bothers the hell out of me. It’s the shadow of the fat man that’s always next to me in the morning & evening.

It’s my shadow, I know that that, but it’s huge. To me this is like something out of Plato’s Republic where everyone just see shadows on the cave walls of what the truth really is. Well here’s my truth shown to me on the sidewalk next to me.

I have to fix this

Cutting Sugars… avoiding headaches & other pain

How many pandemic pounds did you gain during lockdown? Honestly I’ll have to say not many… but kept up my bad weight though out the whole COVID-19 mess. Got a puppy and have been walking him like crazy each day to get my 10,000 daily steps or more. Tracking everything on a fitbit. But haven’t dropped anything! Realizing that it’s not the amount of exercise that I do that’s helping or not but what I’m sticking into my mouth and how much.

So suspect #1 is sugar. Added sugar. It’s crazy to look at the side of a cereal box that I thought was “healthy” and see the amount of added sugars! Why? Granola… another WHY! So tried out no sugar added granola from Whole Foods… oh I see why they add so much sugar. Ick.. yes it’s like sticks & twigs without the 15g of added sugar.

When did breakfast meals become a sugar dessert food? Cheerios seem to be the best thing next to plain oatmeal with raisins and walnuts. Plus dog loves plain oatmeal 🙂

Reflecting on the new normal

What has changed in your day-to-day life since the start of COVID-19?
Having to work at home and not having to deal with a 30 minute commute in and back to the office. The amount of money saved on gas I think, is pretty damn high. Savings on lunches. For several months I strictly ate at home not going out to lunch saves a lot of money.

Which changes have became the biggest pain the butt?
Overall having to work at home with the kids. Having a teen & tween fighting for attention and each other breaks work concentration. While overall I feel my personal productivity has gone through the roof it drops on days when I have to work when the kids are in the house. Luckily they were able to go back to school. Also not being able to go to a museum.

Which changes led to more distress?
Early on in the pandemic when nobody really knew what was going on and how COVID-19 was transferred from one person to another everyone was locked down. Going to a store was an effort. Masking up, gloving up, putting on a second layer of clothes just to buy food was higly stressful. Eventually once we figured out it was transferred via airasols from breathing and knowing a mask would for the most part stop it, the stress came back down.

Which changes have led to some relief of distress?
Getting a dog and exercising and most of all the vaccines. The vaccine has to be viewed as one of the worlds greatest inventions ever. Looking back to the pandemic of 1918 they didn’t have the vaccine and had to let the virus “work it’s course” and burn itself out.

Which changes if any have been pleasantly surprising?
Spending more time with my family and getting a puppy. Not everything revolves around work and being an introvert I’m not missing much of going out to restaurants or group events. Also order online & pickup at store. Giant Eagle’s scan pay & go has also been an really nice reduction of stress. Thing I hate the most about shopping is waiting in line and with this system, unless there’s someone else using the SP&G kiosk, I never have to wait!