The best Superbowl ad is no Superbowl ad… Or how Budweiser stole the show.. again

Budweiser ad from early 60’s

Every year on Superbowl Sunday I get excited not for the game but for the advertisements. For years it’s been the thing that I look forward to. Weeks ahead of time you will already hear industry insiders talking about who’s going to be doing what or what to expect from so and so and how much this company is going to spend over what they spent last year. I never literally everybody can play Monday morning quarterback about the ads the day after the Superbowl and say which ones they think were the best which ones were the most expensive which ones were the most entertaining which were the most funny etc etc. But this year I already know who has won the Superbowl advertising Superbowl and that’s Budweiser.

The lead-up for the last two weeks has been nothing but… “Have you seen what Budweiser ISN’T doing?” This has been such big news that it’s jumped the fairly short fence between ad media news and founds it’s way into NPR and other mainstream news outlets. So to answer what they’re doing… yes.. yes, they’re doing nothing. Yet here they’re the most talked about NON advertiser doing NOTHING during the Superbowl. So without spending any money whatsoever without coming up with any new creative Budweiser has effectively put themselves into the top position again. Advertising by Not Advertising. And it’s a brilliant move! Who else is advertising this year? Honestly I couldn’t tell you.

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