The Old Timey Computer Show nuked from Twitch?

As of this morning 11:30am est it looks like one of my favorite channels on Twitch has been removed. The Old Timey Computer Show was a 24/7 channel that showed old broadcast computer shows from around the world including The Computer Chronicles, Bits and tons of old video game promotion videos. Searching on both my fire TV and my Android app I could not find the channel. Searching in Google using the channel name and Twitch as keywords I was able to find a link however upon clicking the link I got a Twitch error message saying “Sorry that page is in another castle.”

What I was greeted with on twitch after finding a link to the channel in Duck Duck Go

A little more googling and I found it what is going on… and a whole lot more. It looks like Twitch has temporarily suspended due to a content issue that Twitch “deemed unsuitable”. No mention of what program this was or what the content in question was but not a great leap to assume it was of adult nature.

Here is OTCS’ post on the matter.

I find The situation funny considering that every twitch channel I tune into drops the f-bomb within the first 30 seconds. That’s deemed okay. But hey private company… Private rules