Cutting Sugars… avoiding headaches & other pain

How many pandemic pounds did you gain during lockdown? Honestly I’ll have to say not many… but kept up my bad weight though out the whole COVID-19 mess. Got a puppy and have been walking him like crazy each day to get my 10,000 daily steps or more. Tracking everything on a fitbit. But haven’t dropped anything! Realizing that it’s not the amount of exercise that I do that’s helping or not but what I’m sticking into my mouth and how much.

So suspect #1 is sugar. Added sugar. It’s crazy to look at the side of a cereal box that I thought was “healthy” and see the amount of added sugars! Why? Granola… another WHY! So tried out no sugar added granola from Whole Foods… oh I see why they add so much sugar. Ick.. yes it’s like sticks & twigs without the 15g of added sugar.

When did breakfast meals become a sugar dessert food? Cheerios seem to be the best thing next to plain oatmeal with raisins and walnuts. Plus dog loves plain oatmeal 🙂