Reflecting on the new normal

What has changed in your day-to-day life since the start of COVID-19?
Having to work at home and not having to deal with a 30 minute commute in and back to the office. The amount of money saved on gas I think, is pretty damn high. Savings on lunches. For several months I strictly ate at home not going out to lunch saves a lot of money.

Which changes have became the biggest pain the butt?
Overall having to work at home with the kids. Having a teen & tween fighting for attention and each other breaks work concentration. While overall I feel my personal productivity has gone through the roof it drops on days when I have to work when the kids are in the house. Luckily they were able to go back to school. Also not being able to go to a museum.

Which changes led to more distress?
Early on in the pandemic when nobody really knew what was going on and how COVID-19 was transferred from one person to another everyone was locked down. Going to a store was an effort. Masking up, gloving up, putting on a second layer of clothes just to buy food was higly stressful. Eventually once we figured out it was transferred via airasols from breathing and knowing a mask would for the most part stop it, the stress came back down.

Which changes have led to some relief of distress?
Getting a dog and exercising and most of all the vaccines. The vaccine has to be viewed as one of the worlds greatest inventions ever. Looking back to the pandemic of 1918 they didn’t have the vaccine and had to let the virus “work it’s course” and burn itself out.

Which changes if any have been pleasantly surprising?
Spending more time with my family and getting a puppy. Not everything revolves around work and being an introvert I’m not missing much of going out to restaurants or group events. Also order online & pickup at store. Giant Eagle’s scan pay & go has also been an really nice reduction of stress. Thing I hate the most about shopping is waiting in line and with this system, unless there’s someone else using the SP&G kiosk, I never have to wait!