Google Analytics Spam or How to dupe potential buyers of your website’s traffic

Spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning up (ie: building filters) to filter out crap page views on a bunch of sites today from trafficbot DOT life and bot-traffic DOT xyz.

It’s simple enough using Google Analytics to filter this crap out but the amount of accounts that it had to be done.

So what’s the point? Why is this company, in this case Gamma Traffic, doing this type of low level spam-vertising… to advertise their “Bot Traffic” service. So for free you can get 6000 “page views” a month on a given site. For more $$ you can get any amount of traffic. Great… so who wants this? The only people who want this are people trying to sell low traffic sites to folks who don’t know too much about Google Analytics.

So say I run a squeeze page site that only gets 2000 page view a month. Using this service I’m able to boost my traffic numbers to how ever high I want them. I’m sure the pages that show up in your Google Analytics are up to you and don’t advertise the company once you’ve paid for their service. So I pay for the service for a couple of months and then put my site up on one of the many URL auction sites with screen shots & PDFs of my traffic. I won’t let anyone place any sort of tracking cookie or their own GA code on my site and let them do their due diligence. I’m after the suckers. Pay me with bit coin or through some shady proxy and I’m gone.

I’m sure the Google Analytics team will be getting bombarded with emails, support forum requests, & Tweets shortly. So crossing my fingers there will be a global filter setup soon.